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Tyco Amp

Tyco Amp

With a 50-plus year history of leadership, Tyco Electronics is a US$14.4 billion global provider of engineered electronic components for thousands of consumer and industrial products; network solutions and systems for telecommunications and energy markets; undersea telecommunication systems; and specialty products. We design, manufacture and market products for customers in a broad array of industries including automotive; data communication systems and consumer electronics; telecommunications; aerospace, defense and marine; medical; alternative energy; and lighting. Tyco Electronics is an independent, publicly traded company whose common stock is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the ticker symbol “TEL.” We manufacture nearly 500,000 precision-engineered products – all backed by approximately 75,000 committed employees with a singular commitment to bringing a performance advantage to every technology, product and service we provide.
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.050 X .100 AMPMODU System 50 (222).312 Centerline High Current Connectors (15)0.5mm Free Height (25)
1 mm Free Height (IEEE 1386) (93)1.0mm and 1.5mm Mini Vibration-Proof Connectors (11)1.5mm AMP Mini CT Connectors (249)
2.5mm Metric Interconnect System (126)2mm AMP CT Connectors (548)2mm AMPMODU Connectors (270)
2mm Hard Metric Cable Connectors and Assemblies (Z (13)3.5, 3.96 & 6.2 Centerline 600 V, 12 A max. (259)5mm Power Key Connectors (41)
7.5mm MiniHVL Connector System (23)7mm Precision RF Connectors (3)Accessories (1797)
Accessories (AMP-HDI and TBC) (15)Accessories (Terminal Block) (159)Aerial & Satellite Equipment (7)
Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors (807)AMP EDGE Connectors (33)AMP EDGE Single Lead PC Terminals (3)
AMP-BARREL Terminals (12)AMP-HDI (Four Beam) & TBC (Twin Beam) Connectors (186)AMPINNERGY Connectors and Contacts (20)
AMPMODU Post Shunts (22)AMPOWER II and III/AMPOWER R Terminals and Splices (52)AMPOWER Splices (20)
AMPOWER Terminals & Splices (77)AMPOWER Wave Crimp System (23)Anti-Static Control Products (1)
ARINC 404 Connectors (141)ARINC 600 Connectors (With High Speed Insert Optio (172)ARINC 600/404 Contacts and Accessories (158)
Assortments & Kits (35)ATCA Power Connectors & Hardware (120)Audio/Instrument Connectors (6)
Audio/Video Cable Adapters Designed to the Display (1)Automotive Fiber Optic Products (6)Ballast Products & LED Interconnections (7)
Barrier Strips, Barrier Strip Sockets (943)Batteries (1)Battery Interconnection System (87)
Battery Stud Terminal Block (1)Braid, Fixed, Spin and Tinel Lock Adapters (1769)Button Battery Holder Connector (4)
Cable (8)Cable Assemblies  (402)Cable/wire (298)
Capacitors (149)Card Edge Connectors for MicroTCA Applications (2)Card Edge Terminal Blocks (74)
Cardedge & Backplane Connectors (8)Cassette Connectors & Adapters (13)CERTI-SEAL Coax Coupling Closure (1)
Chemicals (3)Circuit Breakers (263)Circular (Universal MATE-N-LOK) (1)
Circular Sealed RJ-45 Connectors (18)Cluster Blocks (24)Coax Shielded Wire Crimp (TERMASHIELD) (6)
Coaxial Snap-Lock (Auto) (10)Commercial Wire (166)Communications/Signal PC Board Relays (475)
Compression Coax Board-to-Board (1)Computer Products (10)Connector System For IEEE1394 Serial Bus (15)
Connectors  (11368)Connectors & Heat Shrink Tubing (COPALUM) (209)Connectors **OLD do not use** (2)
Connectors and Adapters (74)Contacts-AMPMODU Machine Applied (91)Controllers (9)
Convenience Outlets (8)COPALUM Splices (16)COPALUM Terminals (39)
Crimp Termination (EI Series Connectors) (213)Crimpband Splices (67)Data Bus MIL-STD-1553 (204)
DC to DC Converters (15)Decoupled BNC RF Connectors (446)DIMM Heat Sink Assemblies (98)
Diodes (2)DIP Switches - Preprogrammed (3)Displays/Electronic **Discontinued GTC** (9)
Econoseal III (64)Electrical (2)ELECTRO-TAP Cable Connector/Splice (7)
Electromechanical (169)Enclosures & 19 Cabinet Racks (10)Engineering Materials (31)
ESD Devices (1)Eurocard Type B (50)Eurocard Type C (251)
Europa Terminal Blocks (115)Fasteners & Hardware (26)FASTON Uninsulated Receptacles & Housings (594)
FC Connectors (26)Fiber Optic Distribution Products (109)Fibre Optics (12)
Filters (158)Fixed Resistors (12501)Flat Ribbon Cable (102)
FLATPAQ True Hot-Plug Connectors (39)Flexible Conduit Connectors (9)Flexible Film Accessories (2)
Flexible Film Connectors (129)Flexible Film Contacts (31)Fluorescent Tube Socket (3)
FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) Connectors (254)FSD Connectors (19)FSMA Connector Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies (1917)
FSMA Connectors (14)Fuses-High Current Rated (29)G Series Modular Connectors (A Multimate Product) (374)
Gas Discharge Tube Devices (GDT) (17)General Purpose Rectangular (GPR) Connectors (111)Hardware (1)
Hardware (AMPLIMITE) (84)Hardware/Software Products (7)Heat Shrink Sleeve (22)
Heat Sinks (6)Heavy Duty Drawn Electrical Lugs (12)Heavy Duty Drawn Sleeves & Thimbles (1)
HexaShield Adapters and Ferrule Kits (163)HexaShield Terminators (100)High Current Pins and Sockets (16)
High Frequency Relays (23)High Performance Interconnects (HPI) (340)HTS Connectors and Accessories (770)
HTS Module System (18)I/O Connectors (3)IC & Component Sockets (3)
ICCON Single-Pole Power Connectors (35)Impact™ High Density Backplane Connectors (1)Inductors/Chokes/Coils (715)
Industrial Cables (1)Industrial Panel Mount Switches and Lights (38)Interconnect (1646)
Keylock Switches (10)Kilovac High Voltage Relays (141)Knobs (101)
Knobs & Dials (1)Label ID Products (364)Labels (217)
Lamps (7)LGH Medical Application Connectors (13)LGH Multi-Pin Connectors and Cable Assemblies (133)
LGH Single-Pin Connectors and Cable Assemblies (799)Low Profile Miniature AMP-IN Connectors (18)LuxCis™ Optical Termini (1)
M Series Connectors (153)MAG-MATE Terminals (199)Measuring (1)
Metal Shell Micro Threaded Coupling Connectors (10)Micro CPC (Circular Plastic Connector) (216)Microminiature D Connectors (360)
Microstrip Cable Assemblies (622)Mini CROWN EDGE High Current Connectors (8)Mini-Multilock Connectors (9)
MINIPAK HDE Connectors (7)MiniSeal Splices (15)Miscellaneous Cellular Products (19)
Miscellaneous Grounding Connectors (3)Molded Parts (1016)MPO Connectors & Cable Assemblies (9)
MT-RJ Connectors (115)MTA, CST and SL Accessories (103)MTA, CST, CST-100 II and SL Contacts (39)
MTC Crimp Connector Shells, Inserts and Contacts (62)MTIS (MT Interconnection System) (251)MU High Density Interconnection System (27)
Multiple Tap Connectors (15)Nanominiature Circular Connectors (100)Nanominiature Coaxial Connectors (51)
NECTOR Connector System (8)Non-Metallic Cable Splices and Tap (4)Office Consumables (27)
Opto-electronics (1)Over Voltage (40)Panel Displays & Instrumentation (56)
Passives (53)Pivot Connectors (7)Plastic Cable Wrap, Cable Clamps, Cable Ties & Acc (98)
Plastic Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies (37)PolySwitch Resettable Devices (232)PolyZen Devices (7)
Portable Labeling System (10)Power Cable Terminations (35)Power Cables (36)
Power Cord Receptacles (1)Power Double-Lock Connectors (101)Power Line Filters (12)
Power Supplies  (3)Power Toggle Switches (13)Pre-Insulated Ultra-Fast Receptacles & Tabs (38)
Pre-Marked Wire & Cable Markers (195)Printed Circuit Board Disconnects (43)Programming Jumper Plug Assemblies (9)
Prototyping Products  (1)PTC Resettable Fuses (1)Pushbutton Switches (216)
Pushwheel Switches (24)QUADRAX Circular and Rectangular Connectors (50)Radial-leaded Metal Oxide Varistor (ROV) (637)
RAST 5 POSITIVE LOCK Connectors (346)Rectangular Power Connectors (26)Relays (1665)
Resistors  (8571)RF Coax Cable Assemblies (68)RF Connectors (2)
Ribbon Cable Connectors (AMP-LATCH) (226)Rocker/Paddle Switches (58)Rotary Encoders (24)
Rotary Switches (14)SDL (Shielded Data Link) (51)Sealed Industrial ODVA LC Connectors (2)
Seals (1)Semiconductor - IC (5)Sensing Resistors (26)
Sensors & Protective Relays (115)Sensors **Re classed** (1)Serial Communication Cable (2)
Series 1.6/5.6 mS Adapters (21)Service Kits (28)Shielded Circular DIN Connectors (13)
Shielded Miniature Circular DIN Connectors (51)SIAMEZE Terminals (98)SiBar Thyristor Surge Protectors (27)
SIM Connectors (28)Slide Switches (159)SMT Connectors & FFC/FPC (7)
Sockets for ICs (2)SolderGrip Splices (4)SolderPak Wire Terminators (10)
SolderShield Cable Splices (14)SolderSleeve Wire Splices (8)Solid State Relays (14)
Spec 80 (FlexLine) Wire (112)Special Coaxial Contacts (14)Splice Closures (10)
Splice Closures - FOSC 400 (3)Splices - Open Barrel (93)Spring Probe Connectors (SPC) (9)
SSC (Sealed Sensor Connector) System (99)ST Connectors (43)Stacked Connectors (32)
Standard Timer (AMP RAST 5 Appliance) Connectors (35)Static Control (1)STRADA Mesa Mezzanine Connectors (7)
STRATO-THERM Ring and Spade Tongue Terminals (1589)Super Seal 1.0mm (8)Superseal 1.5 Series (20)
Suppressors (4)Surface Burner Connector System (7)Switch Components (45)
Switches  (616)Switches & Knobs (130)Switching Coax Connectors (19)
Tape (12)Taper Pins and Blocks (79)Telecom & Ethernet Connectors (3)
Telecommunications Cable (3)TERMI-FOIL Terminals & Splices (16)Terminals (33)
Test (4)Test Probe Receptacles (27)Thermal Circuit Breakers (111)
Thermal Transfer & Dot Matrix Ribbons (12)Thermistors (265)Thyristors & Triacs (8)
Tight Jacketed LC & SC Connectors (112)Toggle Switches (69)Tools (362)
Transformers (11)Transformers (86)Twinax and Triax (4)
Type C Coax, Standard DIN Contacts (6)USB & Firewire Connectors (2)Variable Resistors (552)
Wire & Harness ID Products (181)Z-DOK (41)
un-categorized (138733)
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